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Marcia Mars uit Amsterdam

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Hallo allen, Via deze weg wil ik graag mijn (Engelstalige) oproepje plaatsen, ik bied mij bij deze aan als: => HUIS-& DIERENOPPAS @ AMSTERDAM & omgeving +/- eind NOV. - Begin JAN. (6 Weken) <= Hello :-D We are a non-smoking, tidy, animal loving 🇳🇱 Dutch couple in our 30's and we are looking for a house/ pet sit in the Amsterdam area @ the end of November. - I have done housesitting in 2016 @ Bali, Indonesia twice & also took care of 3 dogs, 1 mother cat & 4 kittens 🐾💞 - In 2015 we’ve also house sat the houses of a Korean and an American family in Papua, Indonesia. We also took care of their dog and later also her 7 puppies. Via AirBnb we have stayed with several families & recently we had our first lovely CouchSurfing experience in Canada ❤️ When we have the chance we try to take care of animals we encounter, as unfortunately there are many strays in Asia. I have also fostered a traumatized Bali dog & in Papua we took care of a cute stray kitten and a nice dog.
 I used to be a volunteer animal ambulance driver and I was brought up with lovely pets - they made my life much better! (Cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, birds, chickens, a guinea pig & a gerbil).
 => We would love to house/ pet sit @ the Amsterdam area at +/- the end of November till around the beginning of January 2018 (+/- 6 weeks) <=
 Thank you for your time, regards Floris & Marcia :o)



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